Completed Project Photos

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Ruby’s Home

Ruby was receiving code violations from the City. She contacted Hammer & Nails for help on her house and garage, and after a few repairs and a new coat of paint, the difference is significant.

Mary’s Home

Mary lived in her home with cardboard over the outside of her door since a break-in during Christmas 2020. The broken door was an entry way for both weather and animals to get inside. Hammer & Nails was able to help Mary completely replace the door, and our Project Director, Darrin, mentioned what an absolute joy Mary was to work with.

Jesse’s Home

Jesse’s front porch steps were becoming unsafe to walk on. He also needed an interior ceiling repair. Hammer & Nails was able to assist him with both projects, patching up the ceiling and creating a new, safer stairway to the entrance of his home.

Sheila’s Home

Sheila had not been able to walk down her front porch steps in a few years due to their damaged condition, as well as the absence of a handrail. On the day of the project’s completion, Sheila walked down the steps for the first time in years. Sheila added that she felt God’s faithfulness through the presence and work of Hammer & Nails.

Sandra’s Home

Sandra needed a front porch repair, as well as an exterior paint touch-up and repair. Hammer & Nails was able to assist Sandra with both projects, making a noticeable impact on her home.

Ronald’s Home

Ronald’s home was in need of an interior ceiling repair. The hole in the ceiling was large, exposing both pipes and wires. Hammer & Nails was able to serve Ronald by repairing the ceiling.