Cindy Householdet's Story

What initially drew you to become involved with H&N?

As a realtor, I see many elderly homeowners that have to sell their home because they can’t make needed repairs or put a ramp up because they don’t have enough income to make repairs, or they are not physically able to do it. Some of them could stay in their home, but instead have to go into low income rentals or assisted living.

How has H&N made a difference in your life?

It’s made me more aware of needs that people have and how we are making a difference by doing something to help--showing God’s love to one another.

What inspired you to continue supporting H&N over the years?

I have been involved in H&N for 1 year. I really didn’t know all H&N did for the community. It is very heartwarming to see teenagers and college students getting involved, willing to work and learn how to put up a ramp and make home repairs. We learn from each other.


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