Our Mission

Fixing Houses, Changing Lives


Hammer and Nails, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian nonprofit outreach organization based in Canton, Ohio, dedicated to improving the quality of life for disadvantaged Stark County homeowners through assistance with home and property improvements.


“In both 1995 and 1998, our camps were filled with 800 church youth from across the country and 100 area homeowners were assisted!”

Hammer & Nails grew out of a temporary ministry in which North Industry Christian Church partnered with Group WorkCamps to host a week- long camp to assist disadvantaged Stark County area homeowners with home and property repairs. The success of the workcamps, along with encouragement and support from the community led to the creation of Hammer & Nails becoming an independent 501(c)3 non-profit. To date, nearly 1,600 homeowners have been helped, but the need is great. Projects are approved, just waiting for volunteers and funding to bless the homeowner on our list.

“Hammer & Nail was there when I needed help. I thank them very much!”

Ruth, Homeowner

“Thanks is a mere word for the appreciation and gratitude that I feel toward Hammer & Nails, for all each and everyone has done to bless me with peace about my home.”

Joyce, Homeowner

“Thank you for your great love and kindness to us in installing the new storm door and wheelchair ramp. They have both been such a blessing to us! Thank you for treating us with respect and doing such a good job. All of you were the greatest!!! The ramp is such a blessing as it makes it much easier for us to get out and back in. Thank you for all the kindness you have shown us.”

Richard and Carol, Homeowners

“Thanks to all staff & volunteers for the wonderful wheelchair ramp. Being the caregiver, this has made our lives so much easier to transport in and out of the home.”

Betty, Homeowner